How to pay taxes, fines, utilities and other services online

Many regular expenses cannot be postponed or canceled: payment for housing and utilities and the Internet, taxes and fines, loans and loans. It is unlikely to save money on these payments, but it is possible to save time. All this routine is easy to transfer online and even automate. We explain how to do this.

Almost all financial organizations, service providers, and government agencies accept transfers through their websites or mobile applications. Banks also offer remote payment for various services through their applications and websites. Pay attention to the fees that may be charged at the same time. Sometimes they differ even when paying for the same services through different services.

You will only need to make a few clicks to top up your account. But it is important to make sure that all your transfers on the Internet are safe:

  •  Enter your bank card details (including a three-digit code on the reverse side) only on verified sites. Beware of phishing pages that disguise themselves as real ones.
  •  Do not use the same passwords for personal accounts on the websites of different organizations.

You can connect autopayments to most services — the required amount will be automatically debited from your bank account in favor of the supplier company. Telecom operators, utilities, cleaning companies and the banks themselves offer to connect autopayment of bills or auto-replenishment of the balance through their websites and mobile applications.

You can set up autopayments on your accounts and, for example, accounts of elderly relatives.

Let's take a closer look at what services can be paid for remotely and how it is more convenient to do it.

Housing and communal services

The receipt for the apartment contains information about the management company or service provider, your personal payer code, as well as a detailed calculation and the total amount to be paid.

In many regions, you can transfer money for communal services through personal accounts on the websites of local service providers or regional administration.

Two universal ways to pay for utilities online are also available in all regions:

1. Through the application or personal account on your bank's website

Select the service payment section, find the service type and provider in the menu, then enter your payer code. You can usually pay an invoice that has already been issued (information about the amount of debt is automatically uploaded to the electronic payment form) or transfer an arbitrary amount. You need to specify the account or card from which the money should be debited, check the data, get acquainted with the commission and, if you agree with everything, confirm the payment.

If you have not found your management company in the bank's menu, you will have to go a longer way. Enter the details of the supplier, which are indicated in the receipt, and then the amount.

Some banks offer customers payment by QR code. If it is on your receipt, you can consider it a smartphone through the bank's application. In this case, all the information will be downloaded automatically, you will only need to check all the data and specify which account to debit the payment from.

2. Through the Public Services Portal

To pay for services, it is enough to create a simplified account on the portal. To register, you will only need your full name, mobile phone and email address. You will receive an SMS with a code to confirm registration.

Then, in the services section, you need to find the subsection "Payment for housing and communal services", select a service provider and specify your personal account number. This method will make your life much easier. In the future, you will receive electronic receipts to your personal account on the portal and will be able to immediately pay for them with a bank card from anywhere in the world.

Some banks offer to set up delivery of receipts to your personal account on the website or in a mobile application. But it is necessary to clarify whether the bank does not charge a commission for this option.

If necessary, you can download a receipt with payment confirmation from your personal account on the bank's website or on the Public Services Portal.


You can transfer taxes on the website and in the mobile application of the Federal Tax Service (FTS), through a mobile application or a personal account on the website of your bank, as well as the Portal of public services.

The easiest way to do this is through the FTS service "Pay taxes". To do this, it is enough to enter the payer's full name and TIN, the transfer amount and bank card details. And you can pay not only for yourself, but also for others. The main thing is to make sure that all the entered data is correct.

To pay taxes through your personal account on the FTS website, you will first have to visit one of the tax offices with a passport and get authorization data there. You can also log in to your personal account on the FTS website using a verified account on the Public Services Portal. You will have to tinker, but through your personal account you will not only be able to pay receipts, but you will always see what your property is subject to taxation, whether you need to file a declaration, whether you have debts and whether the payment was made on time.

To pay the tax through the Public Services Portal, you will also need to first confirm your account.


The most obvious thing is to pay them on the website of the organization that fined you. For example, through the traffic police website. In the same place, you can first make sure whether you are being fined for sure or whether it was the scammers who threw a fake receipt with their details into your mailbox.

In addition, you can pay off the debt in the mobile application or personal account on the bank's website (usually this option is located in the "Payments" section). You can set up automatic delivery of new regulations to the banking application according to the data of your car or motorcycle.

Payment via the Public Services Portal is also available. In the personal account on the portal, it is easy to find your fine by the number of the unique accrual identifier (UIN), which is on the receipt. And if you add the data of the driver's license and passport of the vehicle (PTS) to the profile, then notifications of fines will automatically come to your personal account.

Many types of fines can be paid at a discount if you do it in the first 20 days from the receipt receipt. In most cases, the discount reaches 50%.

Loans and borrowings

As a rule, all banks and microfinance organizations that issue online loans allow you to make payments remotely.

Some banks allow using their mobile applications or websites to repay loans issued by other banks, but usually charge a commission of about 1% for this. Therefore, carefully study the terms before using such a service.

Please note that sometimes the payment takes longer than you expect. For example, if you send money on a day off, then they can be credited to the account only on the first working day. There may also be technical failures in the mobile application or on the lender's website. Therefore, it is better to pay off debts with a margin of time so that there are no penalties and penalties for delays.

Be careful: make payments only through the official websites and applications of legal organizations. You can check the contacts of banks and MFOs on the bank's website.

Insurance premiums

Investment or cumulative life insurance contracts often stipulate that you must make payments regularly. But it is not necessary to visit the insurer's office every time and make a contribution through the cashier.

Many insurers allow you to make payments through their apps or websites. Or you can transfer money through your mobile or online bank using the details of the insurance company. In any case, be sure to specify the number of the insurance contract and your details so that the payment is not lost.

Before entering into a contract with an insurer, find it in the directory on the bank's website, make sure that it has a license for the required type of insurance and check the official address of its website.

Internet, mobile communication and TV

Telecom companies offer customers to track their balance and make payments through mobile applications and personal accounts on their websites.

Many operators now offer package services, which include communication, Internet, and television, so it is convenient to pay for everything at once. It is often possible to make a transfer not only from a card, but also from an electronic wallet account. Many providers allow you to transfer money for Internet or TV even from a mobile phone balance.

Banks often include communication services in the list of payments on their websites and mobile applications.